Data Management & Security

secure your data

Maintaining control of your data has never been more important. Implementing solutions such as SSO and Microsoft programs Azure, Intune, and Defender makes this easier than ever, providing multi-level protection across data centres, infrastructure and operations.

detect threats with unique intelligence

Azure’s services are informed by real-time cybersecurity intelligence. Microsoft uses machine learning, behavioural analytics and app-based intelligence to proactively identify threats and protect you from them.

simplify your security

Microsoft Azure makes working online simple and stress-free. Keep your information safe with built-in controls across identity, data and networking apps, added protections against threats, and an international team of cybersecurity experts working to safeguard your assets.

email protection

Stop phishing attacks with cloud-based, AI-driven email security software Microsoft for Defender. Our team will integrate it with your chosen email platform for advanced malware protection, mailbox defence, and automated incident response.

SharePoint Online

Building your intranet, your way.

Cloud migration

The workplaces of the future will be cloud-based.

Data Management & Security

Keeping control of your data has never been more important.

Microsoft Teams for Business

Collaborate, meet, and call from anywhere.

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