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ARAQOR was founded with a clear vision – to work at the forefront of human-centred digital solutions. We believe that the most successful modern workplaces are those that empower their people – and it’s our job to provide them with the tools to do so.


We’re evening the playing field by designing and delivering de-centralised technology that offers an accessible user experience for everyone. Through solutions that are not just innovative, but inclusive, we can create learning opportunities, advance careers, and deliver better business outcomes for people of all backgrounds.

a diverse and
driven team

At ARAQOR, we don’t operate like your typical tech company. Our team is comprised of a network of industry specialists with expertise across cloud migration, artificial intelligence, cyber security, virtual learning and much more.


This enables us to take a holistic approach to each project and allows our clients to leverage our deep pool of knowledge and resources to achieve better outcomes. While our skillsets may vary, we are united by our shared passion for delivering a more connected way of working through human-centred solutions.

our staff

araqor team

Sauda Talukder

Managing Director

Leader & Strategist skilled in managing enterprise portfolios. Well-developed client & stakeholder relationships and leadership skills. Recognised industry leader as a conduit between business and technology with an empowering, human-centred management style.


As technological advancements progress, they appear to surpass the level of security and governance needed to protect basic user rights and deliver on ethical and moral stand. This poses newer challenges of digital inequity with minority groups mostly impacted. For this reason, I am passionate to guide organisations in building an inclusive digital future and contribute to policy making that protects all user rights to privacy and identity.

lead your digital transformation

Do your best work from anywhere, at any time. We’re here to bridge the gap between people and technology through human-centred services that make it easier to collaborate, share information and remain agile to changes within your industry.


Whether it’s creating a shared intranet or integrating the full suite of Microsoft products, our expert team will tailor each solution to your company’s unique needs. The modern workplace is evolving – do you know how to keep up?

Digital Solutions

Future-ready collaboration tools, cloud migration, and document management solutions designed for the progressive workplace.

Human Solutions

User-friendly learning platforms, data analysis technology, consultancy and governance services to help your people thrive.

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To become a part of our community, simply fill out the registration form below. Provide us with some information about yourself, your areas of expertise or interest, and how you would like to contribute or benefit from the community. We review applications regularly and will send you a confirmation email once you’ve been accepted into the community.